About BE.H.A.V.E

The struggle is real. The vision is bigger

Welcome! Hopefully you read the “My Story” portion first because it gives you an idea how my journey started with advocating for my son. I am a Christian woman so you will see me reference my faith, the bible and many quotes throughout my site.

BE.H.A.V.E stands for Be Honest; Be Aware; Be Verbal; Be Empowered. Each one of those which I call the four key principles has a more in depth description if you click on each one of them specifically from the home page. I struggled for quite some time with learning how to advocate for my son. I went through the blood, sweat, tears, give-up, give-in, counseling, denial and everything else I don’t have space to name. The better I got at speaking up, doing my research, doing a lot of self-affirmations, TONS of praying and one of the most important things, stepping out of DENIAL. The more I used these principles, the more I felt equipped to actually do this, something I wish I would’ve had as the foundation before I began this journey.

I am by no means a professional but I wanted to create a space where advocates whether its parents, grandparents, friends, or mentors could come to get some kind of foundation to this journey. I went to bed one night asking God “what do you want me to do? I feel you tugging at me…I’m listening” I woke up literally the next morning and this is the name he gave me and then the principles were laid on my heart throughout that same day and here we are. Start with these four principles if you’re starting the advocating process with the special education program or add them in now if you are already in the process and you are struggling.

Understand that we are still on this journey so a lot of blog is based on building the foundation for the journey. My son is young. I’m sharing my journey as his mom and advocate there is a lot of details pertaining to our journey that I don’t share because it gets into telling his story and I believe that’s his story to tell.

Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me be a part of your journey.    Always Love, Nicole