Tell the truth, Tell your Truth

The day I stopped being in denial was the day my heart began its heartbreak. Little did I know that the heartbreak was a process and so would be the mending of my heart.

Welcome! My name is Nicole. I am 38,  single woman and I currently live in Vancouver, Washington with my eight year old son. We are originally from Ohio “Go Bucks”! We are enjoying the beautiful nature of the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy trying new foods and cultures. I love farmer markets and “mom and pop” shops. I am excited about our continued journey here in Vancouver. Here is a little snippet of how our journey with special education began and then head over to About BE.H.A.V.E to understanding how and why BE.H.A.V.E was created.

He was just four years old starting pre-kindergarten. After a few weeks in, his teacher started to call and send emails. Eventually his teacher suggested a special education evaluation. If you’re anything thing like me, I viewed special education for kids specifically with learning disabilities or some kind of physical handicap. Now his teacher just told me he was ahead academically but now you think he needs an evaluation. I agreed to the evaluation because she’s the professional. I took him to the evaluation and the team came back, which included a general education teacher, special education teacher, therapist and someone else and they proceeded to tell me “his teacher wanted him evaluated for social/emotional reasons but as we worked with him and seen how he interacted with his peers, we think, unanimously that special education services are not necessary.” I walked out of that office with my head held high and my chest out with my son’s hand in my hand with a sense of pride. The interesting thing was, the whole time he was in their office, I sat in that waiting area with such anxiety not of fear he would get services but fear of how he would act with them, first warning sign.

The summer before my son started kindergarten I put him into summer camp and yet again I put him into the camp with hesitation. It took about four days before I began getting the phone calls. I knew something was going on with my son but the denial was still my primary feeling. I at some point throughout the summer I put him into counseling to see if they could some how expose the root of the issues.

The summer was over and kindergarten had started. I gave the kindergarten teacher a heads up on my son’s situation “but it will be fine” I assured her, until it wasn’t.