Keep The Momentum

The school year has started and for some of us that means we are around that time for parent-teacher conferences, sports and clubs have started and for us “four seasons” people fall has arrived. This seems to be one of the most common times of the year parents tend to get a little exhausted. You’ve had a pretty busy summer, and you’ve been preparing for the new school year. IEP team meetings, counseling and a new set of worries or behaviors from your growing child. It’s so easy to see all the barriers that may be in the way but now is not the time to reduce the momentum.

Stay the course! I know for me it’s been pretty challenging this year already because last year in third grade my son did really well. This year it almost seems as if he’s going backward. We have already had two meetings, one which was his beginning of the year meeting and then we just had a “back to the drawing board” meeting. We had to implement some new supports for him. All I wanted to do was crawl up under a rock but I had to remember I can’t count on the past to sustain him in the present. It’s time to come up with a new plan for now. I took some self-care time for myself for a few days and had to come back with a renewed mind and strength. Easy, not so much but definitely necessary. It’s time to go to work on behalf of my son. Remembering this is a journey and I have to stay mentally and emotionally in shape to endure the path, whatever and however long that may be.

I pray that you don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal whatever that looks like for your child. Do what you must to sustain your momentum. Remind yourself that your child is worth every tear, headache, meeting and whatever struggle you experience. Your child gets to win!

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